Inernet and Download Speed Test

Internet connection speeds can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors.

You can check your connection speed at Select Washington, DC as the location (this would best approximate a connection to Blackboard).

Bandwidth Example

You can use the resulting download speed (see blue circled area in above example) to calculate approximate download times for files at

  1. Enter the size of the file you are trying to download (select the approptiate unit - kb, mb, etc.).
  2. Click Calculate.
  3. Match your resulting connection speed from the speed test to the closest Speed value in the "Download Time Calculator" to get the approximate download time.

Using the example transfer rate of 79 KB/sec in the download time calculator, a 100 MB file would take approximately 3 hours, 50 minutes to download (the rate of 79 KB/sec is about half way between 64 and 128 Kbps on the calculator).

Download Time Example